Back in the early days of exploring my Spirituality, as it pertains to mediumship, I was like most average Americans in that my only exposure to mediumship of any kind was from TV celebrities, with which came the baggage of sensationalism,sketchy mixed reviews, and a mish-mash of money that really turned me off. On the other side of that coin was hobbyist and professional so-called "ghost hunters" who sought out the big bad spook. To a guy like me that was trying to figure out a life time of spiritual and paranormal experiences this only fueled the fear that something was wrong with me. That was until I ran across Christine Di Nucci's website and books.

'Spirits in a Teacup' is the story of the founding and development of the Bristol Spirit Lodge Circle. Finally here was something from regular everyday people that offered a non sensational experience that I could find solace in. In ‘Spirits in a Teacup’ I read about how an ordinary lady in an ordinary town approached and investigated her spiritual and paranormal experiences. It offered a template in which I could emulate some of her approaches to experiences that were non sensational and devoid of fear. It offered ways to approach spirit communication I'd never heard about, and introduced me to the idea that the Spirit world could interact with me without the religious dogma that is so typical in American life. It offered me a way to approach my own friends about mediumistic experiences and spirituality. And what was even more exciting is that the people in this book embraced both skepticism and spirituality at the same time.

The next book, ‘Charlie’, provides an overview of the communications and teachings received from a spirit called Charlie. For me Charlie took this whole new mediumship thing further and introduced me to a broader world-view and spiritual system, and further delved into the details of what physical mediumship was all about in modern society. Before these books I'd never heard of physical phenomena or transfiguration. It gave me a peek into just what might have been going on in my life for the past 30 years. I think one of the most amazing things Charlie introduced me to was the continuance of personality beyond the grave. That spirits retained personality and humor, which in the end would directly relate to my own spirit experiences. I was also introduced to the concept of a Spirit team that would work with you on personal and spiritual development as well as providing proof for others about the continuance of life beyond death. A novel concept for me at the time.

Through these books, and a letter from Christine, I was thrust out of the scary Hollywood-Religious "Woo-hoo, oogy-boogy Spooky" world of Spirits and into one of daily communication with my own guides and angels and a broader community working for personal development and helping others spread the word that life after death is a fact and the world of Spirit can have meaningful interaction in our everyday lives without all the historical baggage society puts on it.

Jason Ladd

* This review was originally published in the Paranthropology newsletter January 2011.
Vol 2  No 1: